About us

Nothing in the world happens without testing.

The food you eat. The water you drink. The car you drive. The train you catch. In any given day, our work affects billions of people.

Although our profile is low, our work is critical to public safety. It plays a key role in making the world cleaner, more efficient and less wasteful.

That's no idle boast. For instance, we test the composite materials that make planes more fuel efficient. We devise new ways to prevent fires breaking out. And we research corrosion to reduce pollution from oil and gas pipelines.

Exova is one of the world’s leading providers of laboratory-based testing, calibration and related advisory services. Organisations trust us to test and advise on the safety, quality and performance of products and operations.

Colleagues - 4,200

Countries - 33

Facilities -  140

Customers - c25,000

  • "We have a long-term relationship with Exova. This particular challenge required testing in a ‘live’ field situation and Exova worked with us to develop a highly innovative and effective solution."

    Darren Cormell, Managing Director of Subsea 7 Pipeline Production Group