Your career here

Our people are some of the best scientists, engineers and specialists in the world. Their work underpins aspects of life that we take for granted. They keep buildings safe, check the food we eat and help design vehicles and infrastructure we all rely on.

To do this, they work in a range of sectors, providing trusted knowledge and support to leading organisations.

From aviation to food, these services increase safety, reduce costs and make things more efficient. So no matter which areas you work in, you'll have a lasting impact on the real world.

You could be helping develop the next generation of passenger aircraft, ensuring high-rise buildings resistant to fire or finding ways to safely extract oil from the planets harshest environments. And although these projects might be years from the market, you'll help them get there.

Let our global colleagues tell you about their careers with Exova
Your safety. Our priority.

The safety of our people is our number one priority. We want each of our colleagues to return home safely at the end of each working day. We empower every person in Exova to make a difference, to highlight where we need to do things better and we ensure concerns are not only listened to but actively addressed by our management teams. Read more about our commitmenthere.

This is where your best work begins

Our mission-critical services make a real difference to the world’s leading organisations. Our customers are at the forefront of manufacturing, construction, science and engineering – you can be there too.

Our people provide trusted knowledge and support — always delivering to the highest standards.

  • "Exova has partnered Airbus for over 25 years and I welcome their investment in Toulouse that will support our continued advancement of materials application, engineering and production processes."

    Charles Champion, Executive Vice President of engineering for Airbus

With over 4,200 colleagues and facilities in 33 countries around the world, you'll find plenty of opportunities once you join Exova. Many of our people have worked here for over ten years, moving roles and gaining promotions as their careers developed.

And although making progress isn't simply about who you know, our teams include some of the most respected people in their fields. Your career could be influenced by the best in the business.

It all adds up to an environment where you can really make your mark. Ready?